EO 6

EO 6
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  • Manufacturer: Prism
  • Condition: New
  • Color: Citrus, Fire, Sky
  • Flying Lines: EO6 & EO8 (200'X20 lbs), EO10 (200'X 50lbs)
  • Frame: Pultruded Fiberglass
  • Sail: Ripstop Polyester
  • Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Wind Range: EO6 (5-25mph), EO8(4-22mph), EO10(3-18mph)
  • Wing Span: EO6(30"), EO8(34"), EO10(43")
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Price $44.99
Prism's new EO (Expandable Object) box kites always attract a crowd. Available in 3 different sizez and colors to match your skill level and personality. The original brainchild of Phil McConnachie, internationally acclaimed Australian designer, the EO6, EO8, and EO10 are dynamic box kites that fly stable like a traditional single-liner, or tug on the line and they become playful tumblers with a fascinating range of tricks. Their intersecting elliptical planes are completely unique and eye-catching in the sky, and best of all there’s literally no assembly required. The expandable structure springs open with a built-in elastic as you remove it from its clasp. Just find a little wind, pop it open, and watch it soar and tumble as it climbs into the sky. Amazingly durable and easy to fly for all ages, the EO can also be flown in multiples on a single string for a spectacular show. Three sizes have different personalities for different winds. The larger EO10 is stable and graceful with a preference for lighter winds. The EO6 is smaller for easy transport and requires a little more wind for quick, playful tumbling moves or yoyos. For a perfect blend between the stability of the EO10 and maneuverability of the EO6, check out the new EO8. Convenient, unique travel clasp holds 200 feet of Dacron line with winder (included). Folds flat to less than 1/2" thick for easy transport. More info:www.prismkites.com